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United States
I'm an active rail fanner who enjoys spending my free time and days off at the train station. Yes, rail fanning is a hobby known WORLD WIDE!! I am on Youtube (…) Were all my rail fanning catch's go. I'm also into Anime such as Lupin the III and some of Hayao Miyazaki's movies. I also have a small 4X7 HO scale layout in my room where I shot all my layout updates...which go onto BTCRAIL202FILMS (…) So enjoy my random art work! ( I usually create what is on my mind...
It was about a few days after Christmas and Mike was the newest addition to the table top RR. He fit perfectly with his type of steam engine class, the only problem is he didn't know why he was chosen so quickly after they had picked Jake. See, Jake arrived last Christmas and worked a lot on the railroad, but while shunting a freight train, Jake happened to break a wheel truck on his coal car. With any knowledge of how to fix it because of the model of coal car he was designed and given, Jake was put onto a storage track right next to the main station.

No body ever told Mike was he was here until he ask Bryan, a 4-8-2 mountain class steam engine who used to work for the C&O railroad.
"Bryan, uh...Why I'm I here?"
"Mike, you damn well why you are here... don't you?"
"No, I know what I'm supposed to do, but why was I chosen so early?
"You were chosen to replace-"
Just then Bryan left the yard with his Freight and gave a few wheel slips...
"Wait Bryan! Wait! Who was I meant to replace!?"
Mike released his brake with out his driver's help and told his fireman to shovel more coal in.
Mike jerked forward and gave chase to Bryan. "Bryan! Tell me who I was meant to replace!"
Bryan whistled to pretend that he never heard Mike. Bryan then began to do the crossing whistles with extra long burst's to cover up Mike. Bryan and Mike thundered over the railroad crossing nearly striking some kids and one truck.
"Damn it Bryan! Tell me who I was meant to replace!"
Bryan's face soon turned to anger then to fear as a high pitched whistle broke Mikes sentence.
"Tell me Brya-" *Tweeeeeeet-Tweeet-Tweeeeeeet
Bryan thundered passed the on coming train because he was on track #2 and the other train was on track #1, but were was Mike?

Mike had been switched over to the siding, know as track #0 because it is hardly ever used. Mike could feel every bump, crack, and every ditch in the track as he tried to slow down and just as he slowed down to below 20 mph. and Bryan's caboose passed Mike, the track took a violent turn to the right and into some thick woods as the track soon became degraded and broken. Mike stop just has he saw a figure about the size of him. Next to him seemed to be a old unused station with lots of tracks leading into the station.

Mike looked over the figure and saw that the figure had the same wheel arrangement, 2-8-2. He also saw that this engine had no tender.

"Hello...?" Said Mike.

The engine's head lamp turned on...

To be continued...


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Hi! My son, Mitchell Kowalewski, is a big DeviantArt fan. He has entered a Union Pacific Commercial remake contest celebrating their 150 years. Could he have your help: Could you vote on his video at this link. [link] Currently he is in 4th place (out of 27 entries) The video is only 1 minute long so it will only take a moment of your time. He has used some of his favorite train photos so you may recognize his work-his D.A. name is Ookami-Oni. If you click on the link: [link] it will ask you to LIKE the video. It is that easy and fun. Thank you very much. We appreciate it.
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